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Using Electronic Library Resources Remotely

Tips for using electronic library resources from remote locations and common solutions for access errors.

Troubleshooting Access Errors

Clearing your web browser's cache is the most common fix for access errors. Depending on your setup, there are other tests to help isolate issues.  If you contact a librarian on chat for support, they may ask you to try these tests and report results.

To test your configuration:

  • Confirm your MyID works with other UGA services, such as UGAMail or eLC.
  • Restart your computer or device.
  • Try to access the same content in a different web browser on your device.
  • Try to access the same content on an alternate computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Double check for proxy information in URL in browser address bar (such as "").
  • Attempt to load different content from the same source or retrieved by the same tool.
  • Check to see if the specific resource you need is experiencing disruptions on UGA Libraries' systems status page.

When seeking help, try to:

  • Note the exact wording of error messages and what branding is on the page, if any.
  • Screenshot errors to share via chat.
  • Note whether you have reached the same content previously, and if so, how long ago? and what might have changed?

Clearing Web Browser Cache

The most common solution for access errors is clearing your web browser's cache. The cache is a local folder on your computer for files known as "cookies" that can track and identify your activity on websites. Expired cookies can prevent successful MyID authentication. 

Clearing your browser cache will log you out of most websites that require login. It will NOT remove locally saved passwords.  It is best to save or complete work via sites that require login (eLC, financial accounts, social media) before clearing the browser cache.

Steps for clearing cache by browser:


Other Types of Errors

UGA MyID: MyID is an important credential used to authenticate a wide variety of UGA services. If you cannot login with your MyID on any UGA site, please contact EITS for assistance.

UGA Libraries' Account: each library user (patron) has an account that allows loans, requests, and access to electronic resources. Patron accounts may need manual activation due to technical irregularities or change of affiliation with UGA. Contact Access Services at to correct account status errors.

Internet Connectivity: A stable Internet connection is required to access electronic resources.

Firewall/Software/Hardware Errors: Your computer, mobile device, or home Internet infrastructure may have software or settings that interfere with access and connectivity. Try accessing content via data versus wifi to explore that possibility.

Web Browser Settings: Application specific settings can cause errors. Possible solutions include clearing the web browser cache, trying an alternate browser, and deactivating extensions.

Links to content: Locating a resource and loading full text content requires a chain of interactions between UGA Libraries' discovery tools and third party servers. This chain must successfully verify what content is available, that UGA Libraries has access to the content, and that patrons are active UGA affiliates. Information must be accurately loaded into systems and all hardware and software components must perform in tandem. Errors in this chain cannot be resolved by individual patrons and should be reported to UGA Libraries' tech support via chat or email form unless already noted on UGA Libraries' systems status pageStaff will work with vendors and content providers to resolve disconnects and will follow up if access has been restored.

Full Text Not Available

Sometimes, full text access is not immediately available. While not technically an error, it can still be a road block when working. If you are unsure, librarians on chat are happy to confirm the availability of full text. If none is available directly, the best recourse is to make a request via Interlibrary Loan.

Vendor/Publisher Site Says the Article Isn't Found

Sometimes you will click through a link and get to the vendor or publisher's site with an error that the content is not found. Things to try:

Look for links on the site for browsing to specific volumes/issues. Sometimes the article is there, and there was just a problem with the structure of the referring link.

Search for the containing journal in GIL-Find, and choose a full text link that indicates coverage for the date of the desired article. Use the tools on the publisher's site to browse to the volume/issue that has the article you need. 

Trapped in a Loop

Sometimes full text access is indicated, but links to reach it create a circular loop through the same few referring pages. Contact a librarian on chat for assistance. They may be able to get you the content via an alternate method, and will create a tech support ticket to have the confusing loop corrected.