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EMAT 9630: Critique of the Literature in Mathematics Education (White): Finding Books


Find books in the UGA Libraries by using GIL-Find, the Libraries' catalog.

  • Login to your library account at "Sign In" on the top right of the opening page. Use your UGA credentials to log in. This will give you additional access to many services, especially to GIL Express.
  • Enter your search terms in the search box.
  • Select University of Georgia or University System of Georgia as the catalog you wish to search.
    • Use the drop box at the end of the search box (simple search) and select University System of Georgia  to search state-wide holdings. Visit our GIL Express page for complete information on how to use both options.
  • Use the asterisk (*) to get alternate endings for your search terms: polic* will get policy, policies, but also police....
  • Use quotation marks to keep words together as a phrase.
  • Use AND or OR in your search but remember to use all CAPS for these terms or you'll end up searching for these words!
    • Keep terms you're willing to interchange in the same box and join them with OR. You'll get more hits this way.
    • AND requires all the terms to be present, so you get fewer hits with AND
  • This is what the advanced search screen will look like:

  • Narrow your results by using the options on the left of the results page
  • Clicking on the title will give you additional information, including the author, publisher & date of publication, plus the call number and the library in which it can be found.
  • From "Get It" you can request delivery between libraries on the UGA campus or from within the State of Georgia. Click Request  to activate this option. Use "Send to" to send your results to RefWorks/Endnote, create a permanent link, and more.
  • See our GIL Express Page for info on having materials delivered to the USG library nearest you!
  • Interlibrary Loan is ONLY for materials we do not own.