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UNIV: Career Exploration (1103 & 1113 classes): Where to Start?

Supporting an assignment for Ann Glauser's UNIV1113 classes, but useful for anyone who would like to research a career.


What career or company would would I want to work for?

What is the occupational outlook for this career? Occupational outlook includes serveral concerns:

  • Career Path:
    • What education do I need?
    • What experience should I have? How do I get experience?
  • Advancement:
    • Will I need further education later?
    • What are salaries like? What can I expect to make? Is this a stable career?

Determine current issues in the profession or career?

There are many ways to think about current issues, but something from the business world called a SWOT analysis might be helpful.

  • Strengths
    • Established markets
    • Sucessful products
    • Positive public opinion
  • Weaknesses
    • Depending on an established product or process
    • Lack of diversity
  • Opportunites
    • New markets
    • New products
    • New demand
    • New techniques or skills
  • Threats
    • Shrinking market
    • Legal issues
    • Work force does not not meet need or demand


Company Profiles

  • Choose from several databases that provide profiles with historical and financial information

Occupational Outlook

  • Government Publications: The Department of Labor has a special interest in organizing information and and statistics about the labor market. The department runs the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a highly reputable and up-to-date source for information

Publications that contain articles: Use databases to search for the individual articles on your topic.

  • Journals
  • Trade Publications ("trade journals"): these are magazines targeted to people in a profession, so you're not likely to find them on a supermarket shelf.
  • Magazines

Books: Use GIL-Find to look for books here at the University of Georgia. Use GIL-Universal to search at other University System of Georgia schools.


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