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Literature Reviews

Advanced Search

To use Google Scholar Advanced Search:

Start at

Go to the menu in the upper left hand corner and choose Advanced search.

google scholar menu - advanced search

You can use the advanced search to specify search terms that need to be included (with all the words), search terms to exclude (without the words), multi-word phrases ("with the exact phrase"), whether to search article titles only or all text, specify author, specify journal title, and/or set a date range for your results.


Google Scholar advanced search screen

Find Full Text

To get full text using Google Scholar:

Click the menu button in the top left corner.

Google Scholar menu (upper left corner)



Choose Settings

Google Scholar settings in menu

Choose Library linksGoogle Scholar library links in menu

Choose Library Links and search for UGA


Google Scholar menu - library links

Select University of Georgia and click Save.

Use UGA links in Google Scholar


See Who Cites Your Source

To see articles, books, and reports that cite a source you found:

Click "cited by" under the reference that you're interested in

Google Scholar cited by option


You can even search for keywords only in sources that cite your selected source. Click Search within citing articles

Google Scholar Search within citing articles option