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American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia Records - Guide to Selected Case Files: Legal Terms

The ACLU of Georgia's records are housed at the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies. This guide provides further description about the cases litigated by the ACLU of Georgia which are best documented in the records.

Glossary of Legal Terms

Dismiss with Prejudice

The case has been terminated and the party is prohibited from raising the same claims in a future case.

No Action Letter

A written statement issued by the staff of a Division of the Commission or of the Office of the General Counsel that it will not recommend enforcement action to the Commission for failure to comply with a specific provision of the Act or of a Commission rule, regulation or order.

Preliminary Injunction

A temporary order preventing an entity from engaging in some activity.

Probable Cause Hearing

A hearing to determine whether there are valid legal grounds to arrest and hold an individual in custody.


In order to bring a case in federal court, a party must have standing, meaning the party must have suffered an injury, the injury must have been caused by the actions of the defendant, and the injury must be able to be redressed by the court. Courts find that a plaintiff lacks standing where he or she cannot meet these requirements and cannot meet one of the recognized exceptions to this rule.