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POLS 1105H (Bramlett): Political and Election News Sources

Tip: Duck Duck Go

If you are logged into your Google/Gmail account, Google optimizes your search results to bring news sites you visit the most at the top list.  This can skew your searches and show you less comprehensive coverage.  To prevent this, I recommend using an anonymized search engine like Duck Duck Go.  It will show you search results without bias towards the sources you read the most.   


Factiva:  Their News Pages offers a list of the current headlines from the most popular newspapers.  It is the easiest way to browse multiple newspapers at once without hitting a payall.

GA News Sources

AJC: Atlanta Journal Constitution's election stories

GA News Sources: Database of newspapers from around the state.

Domestic News Sources

The Atlantic:  Politics news from The Atlantic.

NPR:  Election news from National Public Radio

NY Times: Election news from the newspaper New York Times

La Opinion: Election news from largest Spanish-language newspaper in the US

Politico: Election news from the website Politico

Roll Call: Election news from Congressional Quarterly

Washington Post: Election news from the newspaper Washington Post

Wall Street Journal: Election news from the newspaper Wall Street Journal

USA Today: Election news from the newspaper USA Today

International News Sources

Al-Jezeera: US Election news from the Middle East

BBC News: US Election news from the BBC

The Economist:  US Political news and opinion blog from The Economist

The Guardian: US Election news from a British newspaper

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