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POLS 1105H (Bramlett): Home

American Government

Specific Databases

Not all of what we have is available is in the Multisearch.  We've organized all of our article databases (these databaes contain newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, and images) by subject, which makes it easier to find the specific database with all the research about your area of study.  The articles and databases tab contains the electronic information we subscribe to online.

Academic Search Complete: Articles from some peer-reviewed journals as well as monographs, reports, conference proceedings, and other sources.

CQ Researcher Plus Archive: Reports on topical public issues.  (Not in the Multisearch!)  CQ's reports about pubic issues are known for their clarity, research, and comprehensiveness.  They are a good place to start when learning about any current or political topic.

Political Science CompleteCitations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields.

Public Affairs Index: Index to articles on national and international public policy.



Some subject headings in our libraries catalog for finding political research:

Elections > United States. 
Voting > United States. 
Democracy > United States. 
Political campaigns > United States. 
United States > Politics and government. 

Voting in Athens-Clarke County

Sample Ballots for Voting in Athens-Clarke County:  Save time on Election Day by looking at the sample ballot.

The League of Women Voters puts out a great non-partisan Voter Guide for Georgia.

Early VotingLearn more about voting in advance of a general election.

IdentificationRequired forms of identification for voting.‚Äč

MapsView maps of various voting districts in Athens-Clarke County.

Polling LocationsFind your district's polling location.

Libraries Homepage

The Libraries homepage is huge, and contains information abou all of the 5 million books, over 400 databases, 20 million online articles, 500,000 ebooks, and other materials UGA owns to help you with you research.  This can be overwhelming, so here are some tips to help you get to where you need to go.

The Multi-Search is a resource which allows you to search over 130 of our databases and our Libraries print catalog at the same time.  

This means you can search broadly for your topic amongst databases which contain newspapers, magazines, and scholarly articles and books.  

Things to remember:

1) The Multi Search doesn't search everything the Libraries has access to electronically.  We have over 400 databases and this resource searches only a quarter of them.  There are several excellent databases that aren't in the Multi Search!  

2) Beware of the fire hydrant effect!  If you've ever done a broad search in Google you've experienced this.  Hundreds of thousands of results, only a few actually what you need.  If you're getting to many articles and books in your results, try going to a specific database listed below.


Books and More

If you want to just search what the Libraries physically owns, like print books, DVDs, CDs, and other materials, you can search our Catalog directly.  Our catalog is called GIL-Find.

You can search by the title of something, the author, or something else.

Notice that each book record tells you where it is located (Main, Science, and Special Collections Building have the most amount of books), which floor it is located on, and a unique call number associated with the book.  

Your Librarian


I am YOUR librarian, so you can come to me with questions about research for any Political Science class.

You can email, call, or stop by and see me.  For immediate help after 6:00pm, you can use our "Ask a Librarian" box embedded on the Right hand side of this page to ask questions of our librarians until 11:30 at night.

There are also Reference Librarians working on the 1st floor of the Main library until 11:30pm.  If you need help getting books out of the stacks they will be happy to help you.