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Biochemistry: More Specialized Resources

Introduction to biochemistry research at UGA, including databases, grant finding aids, and contact information for the liaison librarian.

Article Databases


  • ACS Symposium Series (American Chemical Society)
    American Chemical Society Symposium Series titles from 2012 in full text.  .  
  • PubMed (NCBI/NIH)
    Index and abstracts of journal articles in the health sciences with links to full text.
  • Reaxys (formerly Beilstein/Gmelin CrossFire Commander)
    Index to unique information on organic and inorganic compounds, including patent information, spectrographic and reaction data, and a chemical structure search feature.   
  • SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts)
    Online database which combines the Chemical Abstracts, Medline, and the CAS Registry database. Includes patent and citation information, spectrographic and reaction data, and a chemical structure search feature.  
    SciFinder requires a separate userid/login: Create an account. NOTE: you will need to be on-campus or logged in to vLab ( to create this login.
  • BioMed Central
    Scholarly research in the life sciences and clinical medicine.  
  • BIOSIS Previews (Thomson Reuters)
    Index and abstracts to international journal articles in biological and medical research. BIOSIS Previews also covers books and meetings.  

Reference Sources

  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
    Compendium of chemical properties.  
  • Burger's Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery
    Medicinal chemistry and drug discovery design and development.   
  • Current Protocols in Bioinformatics
    Current Protocols in Bioinformatics is a resource designed for research biologists that includes information on how to select the right software parameters, analyze data, interpret results, and generate hypotheses.  
  • Current Protocols in Toxicology
    Current Protocols in Toxicology is a "best-practices" collection of lab protocols for accurate, efficient assessments of toxicity in whole organisms, organs and tissues, cells, and biochemical pathways.  
  • Merck Index
    Information on human and veterinary drugs; biotech drugs and monoclonal antibodies; substances used for medical imaging; biologicals and natural products; plant and herbal medicines; nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals; laboratory reagents and catalysts; dyes, color and indicators; environmentally significant substances; food additives and nutritional supplements; flavors and fragrances; agricultural chemicals, pesticides and herbicides; and industrial and specialty chemicals.