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SOCI 3580: Research Methods in Sociology

Introduction and Literature Review

Use a research article's introduction and literature review to find new search terms and more useful articles.

The introduction and literature review:

  • provide context for the article
  • define concepts used, usually from broader to narrower (new search terms!)
  • synthesize existing related research
  • explain how the present study builds on existing literature to fill a gap

...all with citations to articles you can use. Follow the in text citation to the references page and search using the article title in Multi-Search.

Citation Chaining

Go back in time!

Use the references page to find research the author(s) cited in their work.

reference list

Go forward in time!

Use Communication and Mass Media Complete's "Cited in This Database" or Google Scholar's "Cited by" links to find works that build on a useful or interesting article.


Times Cited in This Database link

Google Scholar cited by link