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EPSY 8990: School Psychology Doctoral Seminar (Harrison): APA & Bibliographic Help

Citing What You Use

Here are some resources to help you find your way through the APA maze:

Do you need tips on avoiding plagiarism? Visit the UGA Libraries' Research Guide on Avoiding Plagiarism  for helpful advice.

Also, make friends with the folks at the APA Style Blog. You can type in real questions and find what is sometimes harder to find in the Manual. The APA site also provides free tutorials on the basics of the 7th edition

  • Remember that the Libraries have copies of the APA 7th edition and two copies are in the CML.(Cur Mat BF76.7 .P83 2020) One does not circulate, and the other does. You really need a copy of your own for those 2:30 am questions...

    Endnote & Refworks. These software packages allow you to create a database of citations that you're using in your research. In addition you can attach pdf copies of articles, make notes, and use it as a study guide. As you're writing your paper, insert citations into your paper and both of these packages will format your citation AND create your bibliography as you write. Caution: you do need to tweak your bibliography as neither software can read, so you need to watch for proper nouns and capitalization errors.

    Purdue OWL  Our friends in the Big Ten have created a very useful website aimed at APA users.

    Citation Style Guides  Get emergency help with a two-page handout on APA. It won't answer the question of how to cite materials by left-handed monks, but it hits the high spots.

    Do you need tips on avoiding plagiarism? Visit the UGA Libraries' Research Guide on Avoiding Plagiarism  for helpful advice.

    APA 7th now calls for REMOVING  proxy info from your journal citations. What's a proxy link? It takes the reader to the database where the researcher found the article. Great idea, right? Well, not quite. The proxy link only works for the library to which the link is pointing. If you're not associated with that library, you can't open the link. So, rather than annoy 99% of the reading population, APA just requires the citation info, not the link.  The proxy link will show up at the end of the citation in your bibliography and will usually start with http://proxy-remote....

    DOI information remains the same as it has been!

    So, how do you get rid of the proxy link?  If you're using RefWorks follow these steps:

    Open your article in RefWorks and click on the article title. A side panel will open Click on the pencil icon to edit Scroll through the citation & abstract to the VERY BOTTOM of the panel. Look for--IS ELECTRONIC
    • followed by a blue square with a white check mark
    Click on the check mark and it will disappear SAVE in the TOP RIGHT


    and for a "regular" bibliography use APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI: empty

    To do this in EndNote, please follow the directions graciously provided by my colleague, Ian Thomas:

    *Go to 'Edit - Output Styles - Edit APA'

    *Then go to 'Bibliography - Field Substitutions' and uncheck the "If DOI field is empty..." box.

    *Save the style and use that when writing your paper. 

    This will still include the DOI if it's available but remove the proxy URL's.

    For an annotated bibliography use this option;

    APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI: empty, Annotated