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This LibGuide is intended to provide resources to understand and research the structural inequities and systemic racism that have impacted BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)


The purpose of this section is to provide resources for individual exploration of race, racial identity, and racial issues. Though this resource list is not extensive, we hope it helps give you a path and support as you move forward in your own personal work. The texts selected could also be used to engage in these topics with others. Resources to help with discussing race and race issues are provided under the "Discussing Race" section.

Reading List

The following is a small selection of works that could be used as individual or group exploration around race, racism, and white identity and privilege in the United States. This is not a comprehensive list but begins discussions on history of race, racism, identity development, and anti-racism.

Other Resources for Exploring Race Issues

Discussing Race

Courageous Conversations by Glenn Singleton 

In this 20 minute video, Glenn Singleton of Pacific Educational Group, Inc, discusses why talking about race is important and how we begin to engage in these courageous conversations together, laying out 4 simple rules to have when coming to the conversation. While Singleton is focused in a classroom setting, these guidelines can be used in our daily lives as well.