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FYOS 1001 - Psychology Seminars

Introduction to some UGA Libraries resources


Map between MLC, Main, Special Collections and Science Libraries

Psychology is an interdisciplinary field and students may find materials in a number of locations.

UGA books and bound periodicals are shelved using the Library of Congress (LC) system instead of the Dewey system. Call numbers have a letter code that roughly describes the topic, and then more precise number codes. Remember: useful books can be anywhere, not just where you usually look! However, this list may help you with browsing, and also help you know what to expect when planning a library trip.

MAIN LIBRARY -- North Campus, near the Jackson Street bus stop

  • Most psychology books will be on the 6th floor and have the BF call number.
  • Educational psychology topics usually have an  LB call number, Ex:  LB1050.9-1091
  • Gender and social welfare related topics may have the HQ or HV call number. Social psychology may be HM.

SCIENCE LIBRARY - South campus, next to the Boyd Center and near the Soule Hall bus stop on Sanford Drive

  • Most neuroscience, cognition and psychiatry are in RC in the Science Library.
  • You will also find books on animal research, animal behavior and animal cognition in the Science Library at various locations.


  • Not every book can be kept on library shelves. Some items are kept at an off-site facility. While you cannot go there and browse, you can make a Repository Request so any book you find in the online catalog (GIL/GIL-Find) can be sent to a convenient pick-up Library.


Make it easy and use GIL-Find. It can be more efficient to search our online book catalog than to browse at the start of research. You can limit search to specific libraries, online material, type of material and more. Take a look at how to search.


(below) North-South Connector map 2021


North-South Connector - UGA bus map