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Grant Funding: Pivot (All Disciplines)


Pivot is a grant-finding database funded by UGA's Office of the Vice President for Research which makes identifying potential funding sources much easier. Pivot is divided into two sections: Funding and Profiles. Funding allows searching and setting up alerts for funding opportunities, and Profiles allows you to "claim" your personal profile and update your information. You will need to create an account to use these features.

Login Instructions

Funding: Basic Searching

Pivot can be searched by a variety of ways, such as topic, funding agencies, deadline, researcher demographics, etc.:

  1. Click on the 'Funding' tab;
  2. At the top of the screen you'll see a 'Search funding opportunities' search box. Click on the 'Advanced Search' link under the box;
  3. Fill out the appropriate fields to construct your search. You can add in more search terms (residency requirements, funding type) and also exclude terms and/or requirements at the bottom of the screen.

Funding: Setting Up Alerts

Pivot can send you email alerts when a selected funding agency or search has been updated with new opportunities:
  • To receive alerts when your search brings back new or updated results: run the search, then click on 'Save Search' at the top of the results screen
  • To receive alerts when a particular funding opportunity is updated, click on the checkbox from the list and choose 'Set to Active' or 'Track'
  • Turn off or edit alerts on your Pivot homepage under 'Options' and under the 'Preferences' menu under your name
  • To receive deadline reminders, go under your Preferences menu

If you prefer not to receive alerts as emails, you may mark specific funding opportunities as 'Active' or 'Track' within your Pivot account. They'll display on your Pivot homepage when you login.

Claiming or Creating a Profile

By claiming your profile, you will be able to update your credentials, publications list, and other information leading to more relevant funding opportunities and potential co-investigators. Click on the drop-down menu by your name at the top right of the screen and choose Claim Profile. Once the profile appears, click on Claim Profile to right of your name. An email will be sent to the address listed on your account with a link to claim the profile.

If you do not have a profile in the system, click on Create Profile and you will be able to make one immediately.