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Night against Procrastination

Event information

Who will be there? How can they help?

Division of Academic Enhancement

The Division of Academic Enhancement will be providing an academic coach. They can assist with goal-setting and semester planning. 

Health Center

The Health Promotion and Fontaine Center at the University Health Center offers prevention, early intervention, and support services to promote student success and resiliency.  Certified Health Coaches are available throughout the semester, so that when a student is in need – whether during mid-terms or a life event- we can provide students with the necessary skills to be successful. The University Health Center will be providing a Nutrition coach.

University Libraries

University Librarians can help you turn a paper or presentation topic into a research strategy. They can assist you in finding and evaluating sources for your paper or presentation. They can show you how to create a citation. They also know when to refer you to Writing Center assistance.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers assistance during any stage of the writing process. Consultants help visitors develop and improve the content and style of their papers, and they can even assist in evaluating and editing work.

How do I sign up?

We will have sign up sheets at registration until 7 p.m., when the sign up lists will be moved to the consultation room doors.

Where will I meet the consultant?

See also the "Event Location & Rooms" tab

Consultation Rooms

(These are group study rooms)








Writing Center

Writing Center

Writing Center

Academic Coach

Library Research

Nutrition Coach

Aromatherapy Room