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SOCI 1101H: Introduction to Sociology Honors (Lapegna): Searching Access World News

Searching Access World News

Start by typing a keyword, such as a name, event, or topic, in the search bar.  You can also search multiple keywords together using multiple search bars.  For example, you can search “Starbucks” AND "(race OR ethnicity)" as your keyword(s).

You can also select a field in which to search the keyword(s), such as the lead/first paragraph, the headline, or caption.   Do you want the keyword(s) to be in the lead/first paragraph or headline of the news item?  Do you want the keyword(s) to be in the caption of a picture used in the news item?  You can even search author, date(s), word count, and many other fields.

You can also sort the results by newest, oldest, or the best match.

Let's search "Starbucks" AND "(race OR ethnicity)" with "Starbucks" in the headline and "(race OR ethnicity)" in all text.  In the search results, you can sort by best match, newest, or oldest; source type; date; source name; and source location.

You can preview an article by clicking the "Preview" icon located on the bottom right side of each article listing.

Other Access World News Searching Tools

You can refine the search by Source Location by clicking a state or region using the map or by using the left-hand menu.

You can also browse the list of news sources by clicking on A-Z Source List at the top of the page, and browse Special Reports or Hot Topics by clicking the links in the bottom left corner of the page.

Special Reports are current and retrospective news articles and images organized to easily examine key global issues & events, people and important monthly themes.

Hot Topics will show you current research topics covering key global issues, events and people about business, economics, crime, politics, science, health, sports, the arts and more.