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ARHI 8700 (Abbe): Images

ARTstor Image Database

Artstor is the most extensive image resource for educational and scholarly use.  To download images you must create a username and password. 

Art & Archaeology Artifact Browser (Perseus)


Guide to Citing Images

If you are using images that you did not create, you must cite it.  Format citations according to the citation style you are using ( Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, APA, etc.).   Here are a few basic guidelines:

  • Give attribution to image creators in citations and credit statements to acknowledge authorship
  • Indicate when using a personal photograph
  • Include source information

Include the following information for images acquired through an image database like Artstor:

  • Creator's name;
  • Title of the work, as given;
  • Location of the work (museum, library or owning institution, if known);
  • Date of the work;
  • Database collection, if known;
  • Rights information, if known.

For detailed guidelines on in-text and bibliographic citations of images, visit this guide
Credit: MIT Libraries Image Resource Guide