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POLS 4510: Public Opinion and American Democracy : Research By Subject

Business and Economics Resources

Guide to Business and Economics Research Databases
Not sure which to choose?  Look at this guide.

Business Source Complete
Contains f ull text for over 2,280 journals covering all aspecs of business. 
This database contains popular business publications such as Business Week, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and hundreds of scholarly, peer reviewed journals.

The main database of economic scholarly articles.
Contains some grey literature as well.

Access to over 8,000 business and finance publications.
Includes business news, compnay profiles, and international business information.

Health Policy Resources


Indexes social gerontology journals. Focuses on aging in psychological, health-related, and social and economic contexts.

Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts

Covers health, social services, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, race relations and education. Not full-text, but "Find it @ UGA" is available.


Nursing and Allied Health Database. Use to supplement medical research.


The database offers information related to the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and preclinical sciences. 
Some full-text, "Find it @ UGA" is available. 


Government database for scholarly and clinical health science information. Very extensive.

Medline (available through EBSCOhost) is a part of PubMed, but there are still other articles indexed in PubMed that you can't get through Medline.


Health Economics

The NHS/NLM has a great page of resources about Health Economics:

Start with EconLit and Public Administration Abstracts.  

PsycInfo also indexes health economics, particularly relating to mental health care.

CINAHL is the largest Allied Health database, and you should search that as well.

WorldCat Dissertations and Theses is a good portal for graduate research.  

If you are looking for monographs for Health Economics, don't forget to search WorldCat proper.

Don't forget to search Web of Science.  It indexes both Science and Social Sciences, so you will find more multidisciplinary resources there.  

The NHS also has a database devoted to health economics, calledNHS EED:

Also, PubMed (the largest medical database online) has recently combined some other NHS resources into its interface, so the Health Economics citations are now indexed in PubMed as well (  The NHS has created a gateway for all of its databases, so you may want to try that first:

Lastly, there are lots of government indicators and statistics out there.  Most of the health oriented ones are available through but if you are looking for economic indicators, the Bureau of Labor statistics is useful:

Education Resources

Education Research Complete
Articles on education practice and educational research.  

Educational Administration Abstracts
Indexes professional and scholarly articles related to educational administration, leadership, management and research.

Index and abstracts of articles, books, and documents covering education research and practice put together by the Department of Education.
Contains education Grey Literature.

Professional Development Collection 
A collection of journal articles and pamphlets especially for professional educators
Includes abstract and index coverage for 800 professional development titles and searchable full text for over 500 journals.

Education Statistics

Digest of Education Statistics

Compilation of statistical information covering education from prekindergarten through graduate school.

Official website of the Department of Education.


International education statistics database from World Bank.

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

The primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

Environmental Resources

Environment Complete
New database that covers all aspects of environmental research.
Contains scientific articles, policy papers, and social impact articles, both US and international in scope.

Ecology Abstracts 
Contains papers on evolutionary biology, terrestrial ecosystems, coastal ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, human ecology, human settlements, conservation, environmental degradation, reclamation, and pollution studies. 
Focuses on how microbes, plants, and animals interact with their environment and with other organisms.

Not full-text, but "Find it @ UGA" is available.

EIS Digest of Environmental Impact Statements 
Contains summaries of key issues, consequences, legal mandates.

Subjects included are air transportation, defense programs, energy production, hazardous substances, land use, parks, refuges, roads and railroads, urban and municipal programs, and water use.

Pollution Abstracts 
Covers journal literature in the areas of air, marine, freshwater, land, and noise pollution as well as sewage and wastewater treatment, toxicology and radiation.
Topics include detection, monitoring and analysis of pollution, management of spills, and industrial and municipal disposal of sludge and hazardous wastes.

Not full-text, but "Find it @UGA" is available.

Water Resources Abstracts 
Covers scientific and technical literature on water planning, the water cycle, water quality, and related issues. 
Topics include arid environments, climatology, water conservation, ecological modeling, ground and surface water hydrology, industrial wastes, increasing water supplies, metropolitan water resources, nuclear radiation, public health, water recreation, remote sensing and water recycling.

Not full-text, but "Find it @UGA" is available.

Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide 
Covers wild mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, including all aspects of wildlife and wildlife management.
Not full-text, but "Find it @UGA" is available.

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