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Research Basics

A guide for anyone who wants an introduction to both searching strategy and resources for finding articles and books at UGA. Was created for a UNIV 1102 course, and may be used in other courses. This guide supports assignments for several courses.

Evaluating Research Articles


  1. Identify sections of the  research article that will provide information that you need. 
    1. Abstract/Introduction (background, question, research problem)
    2. Methodology (approach, methods, instruments)
    3. Data/Conclusion (Results)


  1. What is the problem or question?
  2. What is their approach to research?
  3. How are they going about answering the question?
  4. What did they conclude?



  1. Credibilty
    1. Does the research question seem clear?
    2. Does it seem like a question that can be answered? With their approach?
    3. Are the methods sound? (population not too small, controls, etc)
  2. Reliability
    1. Are the methods clear enough that the experiment/research could be reproduced?
  3. Authority
    1. Is the author(s) affiliated with a research institution?
    2. What other publications have the author(s) published?
    3. How many times have they been cited?
  4. Bias/Point of view
    1. Is there any potential conflict of interest?
    2. Who funded the study?