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Census Statistics: Other Resources

Guidance on finding census statistics, especially in American Factfinder and Social Explorer.

Where to find other resources with statistics on ...

movers (annual) | SOI Tax Stats - Migration Data 2005-  Compiled from Federal tax returns, not Census data.  Download datasets showing annual county-to-county in and out-flows.  For the period 1983-2005 see County-to-county and state-to-state migration on CD-ROM (Main Circulation Desk CD-ROM HB1965 .C58 2006).

movers (during 5 year prior to census date) | County-to-County Migration Flows  Compiled from 2010 Census data.  Download a large dataset showing all county-to-county in- and out-flows.

place of work (i.e., county or town) | On the Map (Local Employer Dynamics program). Interactive database that lets you retrieve employment statistics at the local level, including estimates of how many workers from a given town or county work in other towns or counties.
How to use: Select a county or place name using search box or zooming in via the map.  Click Perform Analysis on Selection Area and use form to select settings for your table. To retrieve a list of counties/places of work for the area you selected click options Home and Destination (selecting either places, counties, or other area types to display).

Additional Census Databases

Integrated Public Use Microdata System (iPUMS) (Minnesota Population Center)

  • American Community Survey (ACS)
  • 1850-2010 Decennial Census

 PUMS (microdata) files. Data subsetting and downloading.  Non-standard geographies. Academic use only. Requires registration which must be updated annually for continuing users.

National Historical Geographic Information System  (Minnesota Population Center:)

  • 1790-2010 Decennial Census (counties); census tract tables since 1910
  • boundary files
  • other datasets

Summary (aggregated) data files.  Data subsetting and downloading. All available geographies 1970-. Academic use only. Requires registration.

Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

  • Decennial Census: various years, selected files only: including some subsets, extracts, special tabulations, and researcher compiled datasets.
  • Other Census data programs, selected files.

Downloading.  Only UGA students, faculty and staff are eligible.  Requires users to create account. 

Missouri Census Data Center

  • American Community Survey (ACS)
  • 1980-2010 Decennial Censuses
  • Geographic code lookup function

Extracts of summary data for the entire U.S. for various geographic levels in SAS formatted files


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