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INTL 4780: Dictatorships: Researching Your Paper Topic

News Sources

Access World News:  Regional, national, and international news coverage.

Factiva:  Their News Pages offers a list of the current headlines from the most popular newspapers.  It is the easiest way to browse multiple newspapers at once without hitting a payall.

Duck Duck Go:  Google weights the news articles it shows you based on your previous search history and which websites you visit the most.  This can lead to bias in the types of news sources you read.  Duck Duck Go is a Google-like search engine that anonymizes you so that you get unweighted results when you search.

Free access to the Wall Street Journal through UGA.

Free access to the New York Times through Athens Regional Library.

Research for Final Paper

" a specific country case, trace its development, and analyze how it fits with the arguments from the readings."

Background materials

Europa World:  Academic resource which summarizes political history of all nations.

Research articles

Political Science Complete

ProQuest Political Science


If you're using the Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date) or Footnotes, you can access the entire manual online through GALILEO:

If you want a brief overview of Chicago, we have citation style pages which the Libraries' have made for quick questions about a style:

Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date Quick Guide

Your UGA Librarian