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Borrow technology from the MLC.

Technology Lending at the MLC

UGA students may request to borrow technology equipment from the Miller Learning Center and pick up after email notification. Laptop computers (24 hour loan) and Canon DSLR cameras (7 day loan) will be available on August 31st, 2020. Other equipment will be made available over the next several weeks.

  • Loans are pre-set in length. Laptops: 24 hours; Cameras/audiovisual equipment: 7 days.
  • Items are not ready until notification is sent. Equipment is ready for pickup when you receive an email from with the subject "UGA Libraries - Ready for pickup."
  • Students who borrow equipment agree to abide by the MLC Technology Lending terms of use.
  • Students should return items with all components and accessories during desk service hours before the due date and time set at check out.
  • Advanced booking and extended loans are not available.  
  • Students may not install software on borrowed laptops.

Service Desk Hours

M - TH: 8am - 8pm
Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sa: 11am - 5pm
Su: 11am - 8pm

Hours may vary due to holidays, game days, and other situational factors. Please check to make sure the service desk is open before coming to the MLC.

Who can borrow?
Enrolled students at UGA. Access to equipment may be restricted if students do not follow terms of use.

Is this service free?
Technology loans are free if equipment is returned on time with all components and no evidence of misuse or negligence.

Is it safe to borrow during COVID-19?
Equipment will be treated with UGA Facilities Management Division approved disinfectant between loans. Please remember to wash hands frequently as a general practice, but especially when using shared items. It is courteous to wear a mask while using shared equipment.

Place a Request

Use the following links to request equipment from UGA Libraries' GIL-Find Catalog:

MacBoor Air (up to 24 hours)
Dell Latitude (up to 24 hours)

Audiovisual Equipment:
Canon DSLR camera (up to 7 days)

View requests and loans via GIL-Find catalog - access user account at the top right.

Pick Up After Notification

After receiving notification from that your requested item is ready:

1. Bring UGA ID or official photo ID to the 3rd Floor East of the MLC.

2. Present your ID to staff and tell them you have received notice that equipment is ready for you to pick up.

3. Follow staff's guidance to verify components and complete the check out process.

4. Pay attention to the due date and time of your loan. Log into your library account to confirm.

Return Items

1. Bring ID and equipment with all components to the 3rd Floor of the MLC during service hours. Do not leave items at an unattended desk.

2. Present ID to staff and tell them you are returning equipment.

3. Follow staff's guidance to place equipment in the provided bin and hold up item barcode for scan.

4. Wait until staff indicates you are set before leaving.

Can I renew my loan?

Renewals are not guaranteed; please be prepared to return items before initial due date and time.  Borrowers can attempt to renew up to 2 times through their UGA Libraries account (log in at top right). Renewal requests will be denied if there is a waiting list for item type.

Terms of Use

Borrowers must be currently enrolled for credit at the University of Georgia. Faculty and staff who are not students should investigate the equipment available for loan from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Borrowers agree to return equipment during open service hours prior to the due date and time established at check out. Loans will be automatically extended in case of UGA campus or MLC building closure. 

Student borrowers agree to contact the Miller Learning Center in the following situations:

  • Equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • They cannot honor return equipment on time due to emergency, including COVID isolation or quarantine.

Borrowers understand that egregious or repeated failure to honor the terms of will be penalized. A police report will be filed for lost or stolen technology.

Renewals are not guaranteed. 

Items returned past due will incur charges after a defined grace period. 

Grace period: 120 minutes (2 hours)
Hourly fee past grace period: $10 per hour

Audiovisual Equipment:
Grace period: 2 days (48 hours)
Daily fee past grace period: $20

Loss: Students assume risk when they borrow technology and should treat equipment with care. Borrowers are liable for replacement cost if equipment, components, or accessories are lost. Report lost or misplaced equipment ASAP via our contact form to maximize chances of recovering items.

Damage: Some damage is inevitable over time due to wear and tear. Please report physical damage, technical malfunction, and/or missing components ASAP. Borrowers may be held financially responsible if negligent or careless behavior leads to damage. 

Abandonment: Do not leave items at an unattended desk. 

Emergencies: Borrowers in emergency situations, including those related to COVID-19, should contact the MLC to avoid charges or loss of access.

Equitable Access: This collection is intended to be a resource for all students at the University of Georgia, but inventory is limited. Borrowers should honor due dates to help us serve students equitably. Students should return equipment that they are not actively using.  Please protect equipment: do not leave items unattended in public spaces or visible in vehicles.

Ask a Question

If you have questions that you did not see answered on this page, please submit an inquiry to us with the form below.


About Requests

About Requests

When will my request be filled?

Requests submitted during service hours for in-stock items have an estimated preparation time of 15 minutes to an hour. 

Requests submitted after service hours for in-stock items have an estimated preparation time of 1 - 2 hours after service re-opens.

External factors may delay preparation. Equipment is not ready until you receive email notification.

Requests for unavailable equipment will be entered into a queue to receive items as they return. Requests for laptops and computing equipment remain active for 2 days, audiovisual item requests remain active for 14 days unless canceled/no longer needed.

If an item that fills your request is in stock, staff will prepare the equipment and notify you by email when it is ready to pick up. Note: In stock equipment still requires preparation and inspection. Please wait until you receive notification to visit the service desk.

If all items that match your request are unavailable, you will be entered into a queue to borrow. The requests in the queue will be filled in the order received as matching items are returned. Please note this means that items may not be available same day as your request.

Students will receive an email notification from sent as soon as items are ready for check out. Please wait for email notification before coming to check out equipment; If you have not received an email, the item is not ready.

Laptops will be held for at least five open service hours after email notification is sent. Cameras will be held for two days. Your request will be canceled beyond this interval if the held item can fulfill a request for another patron. If that hold window has passed, please sign in to your library account with MyID and view "Requests" to check on the status of your request before coming to pick up.

If you need to borrow a laptop and don't have a preferred operating system (Windows or Mac), you can place a request for one of each type. When one of the two requests is filled, the other will be canceled. 

If you have requested multiple items, please note that they may not be pulled and held for you at the same time, depending on availability. Your email notification should indicate which item is available for you. If you are requesting audiovisual equipment with a two day hold window, you may want to wait until you have received notification for all (or most) items.

At this time, you cannot place requests for two of the same item. If you need to borrow multiple pieces of the same type of equipment at the same time, please submit the form below with more information about your need. We can make exceptions on a case by case basis depending on current availability.