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Coronavirus Resources: Publicly Available Research

Publicly Available Research

Many government agencies, academic journals, and publishers are offering their COVID-19 research free to the public.  Below are some participating providers.  This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start when looking for evidence-based research.  Not sure which resources to trust online?  Take a look at the "What is a Reliable Source?" tab to learn skills to help you determine what is reliable information.

Some journals and organizations are publishing reports from medical professionals that haven't gone through the traditional peer-review process.  Be careful and make sure you research different perspectives to get a good picture of what is being published in this area.

Individual Medical Research Journals

These journals publish medical research and have pages devoted to research on COVID-19.

BMJ (British Medical Journal)


JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)



New England Journal of Medicine


medRxiv:  an archive of "pre-print" journal articles (articles which have been submitted for peer review, but may or may not have completed the process and been published)


The following academic publishers and information providers are making their databases of COVID-19 research publicly available.


Oxford University Press

PLOS (Public Library of Science)

Taylor and Francis

Web of Science (Clarivate)

Wiley Press

Government / NGO Medical Research Sources

Governmental/Non-Governmental Medical Agencies often collect, collate, and curate research on this topic.  Below are some pages devoted to COVID-19.

UGA COVID Research News:  research news from UGA, and the world, about COVID-19.

DisasterLit:  a National Library of Medicine database of links to disaster medicine and public health documents available on the Internet at no cost. Documents include expert guidelines, research reports, conference proceedings, training classes, fact sheets, websites, databases, and similar materials for a professional audience. 

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Publications:  Data and publications from the ECDC, the infectious disease agency of the European Union (similar to the CDC in the United States).

National Institutes of Health COVID Research:  List of research and information resources from the US National Institutes of Health.

National Library of Medicine Research (LitCovid):  A curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about COVID-19.

World Health Organization Research:  Consolidated research sources from the WHO and the world.

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