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Basic steps of creating reports of advertising expenditures for products, brands, product categories, et al.

Advertising Insights overview

What is Advertising Insights?

Advertising Insights is a database of advertising expenditures by various product and industry categories down to the individual product level across most industries.  Create reports containing available data that match the filters you specify. 

Use of Advertising Insights is limited to academic research by UGA students and faculty.  Ad$pender is limited to a maximum of 5 simultaneous users.

media categories include:

  Network TV  |  Spanish Language Network TV  |  Cable TV  |  Syndication  |  Spot TV
  Magazines  |  Sunday Magazines  |  Local Magazines  |  Hispanic Magazines  |  B-to-B Magazines
  National Newspapers  |  Newspapers  |  Hispanic Newspapers
  Network Radio  |  National Spot Radio  |  Local Radio Summary  |  Local Radio Historical
  Internet Display | Online Video | Internet Search | Mobile Web | Mobile App | Mobile Web Video

available time period

  most recent 8+ years

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