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Latin American National Resource Center Library Support (2018-2022): NRC grant information

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute included Library support in their grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education Title VI grant as a National Resource Center (NRC). This site documents that support.

Grant description

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute proposes to build strong capacities around five focus areas in the region:

  • Portuguese Language and Brazilian Studies
  • Indigenous Latin America
  • Humans and the Environment
  • Latin American Culture
  • Social Disparities

During each year of the grant, funding is sent to the University Libraries to support the acquisition of materials to aid in research and teaching in the focus areas. Included here are the titles purchased during each fiscal year for each focus area.

Each title will show that status of "On order" until it arrives and is cataloged, at which time the location and classifiction information will be added.

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