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Creating Videos and Editing

Programs, equipment, and advice to support video creation and editing. Development for UNIV 2115, but helpful to anyone.

Software and campus locations

The Adobe video editing program in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs with the most features is called Adobe Premiere.

Adobe also has Spark. Spark can be used for free as a stand-alone cloud program, or included a less expensive media package. Spark does a good job of helping users thing about their process by using storyboards and templates. You might want to use Spark to storyboard and plan, and then move on to a more robust program later. Spark is at

Apple owns another program called Final Cut Pro

Campus Locations

Miller Learning Center

  • Mac workstations - Mac workstations on the 3rd floor have access to Adobe Premiere
  • Digital Media Lab - Called the DML, this lab is on the 3rd floor of the Miller Learning Center. Due to social distancing, there may be some changes in policy. Check last week of August/first week of September.
    • iMovie
    • Garageband
    • Adobe Creative Cloud with Premiere
    • Final Cut Pro

Departmental Labs

  • Check with an instructor in your department

Purchase options

Depending on your career plans, purchasing a video editing program may be a good investment, or an unnecessary expense. Here are tips for affordability.

  • ALWAYS check for educational pricing - Ask EITS or a librarian before you ask at a store
  • Consider a monthly plan: while monthly payments cost more money for a long commitment, they are much cheaper if you just need access for a semester, or maybe even just a month for a single class.
  • Look for special trail offers