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Scholarly Publishing & Communication : Cambridge University Press

Guide to resources on scholarly publishing and communications. Includes information on copyright, open access, data archiving, government mandates for data sharing, and measuring citation rates.

Cambridge OA Publishing

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Publishing open access (OA) helps to advance discovery by allowing anyone, anywhere to find, read, and benefit from your research.
Find out more about how easy it is to publish open access with Cambridge, including using our OA Waiver and Discount tool to see if you are able to publish OA at no cost to you

Read & Publish - Cambridge University Resources

Cambridge University Press Read & Publish FAQ

I. Cambridge University Press (CUP) Read & Publish FAQ

1. I'm a UGA author, and want to publish my work OA in a Cambridge journal, do I have to pay to publish?

No. UGA authors can publish in select CUP journals for free under the NERL/ CUP Read & Publish Agreement accordingly:

  • You must have a publication accepted in an eligible CUP journal (Gold or Hybrid OA) within the Agreement's term of January 1, 2022- December 31, 2024.
  • Provide information about your affiliation with UGA when submitting your article for publication, and 
  • Sign a license to publish form as required by the CUP journal that is publishing your article and select your Creative Commons license. 

2. What types of works are eligible for submission under the CUP Read & Publish Agreement? 

Original research article, case report, brief report, review or rapid communication.

3. Which CUP journals can I publish my work OA for free? 

Any CUP journals that are GOLD (fully OA) or Hybrid (partially OA content). See link for current list of journals below. 

4. Does CUP require me to publish my work under a specific Creative Commons license? 

No. CUP allows you to choose your Creative Commons license. The choices are CC-BY, CC-BY-NC-SA, and CC-BY-NC-ND.

5. Can I convert a prior work I published with CUP into OA? 

Yes, provided your work was published during the term of this Agreement (January 1, 2022-December 31, 2024); you request to covert your work within the same year that it was initially published. Only the corresponding author can make that request and do so through the Payment Processing Software. 

6. Is there a limit to the number of works I can submit for OA publication during the terms of this Agreement? 

No. The number of works is uncapped as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. 

7. I am a UGA graduate student, is eligibility to publish OA under this Agreement limited to faculty? 

No. Eligibility is based on UGA affiliation not status. 

8. Is there a limit on the number of publications from UGA can be published OA during the terms of this Agreement? 

No. The number of publications is uncapped for the term of this Agreement.