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American Government


I am YOUR librarian, so you can come to me with questions about research for any Political Science class.

You can email, call, or stop by and see me.  For immediate help after 6:00pm, you can use our "Ask a Librarian" box embedded on the Right hand side of this page to ask questions of our librarians until 11:30 at night.

There are also Reference Librarians working on the 1st floor of the Main library until 11:30pm.  If you need help getting books out of the stacks they will be happy to help you.

Finding Introductory Articles

If you're looking for a good overview of something, here are a few databases which might help.  They provide good background information:  

Multi-disciplinary databases

Top databases for academic research in International Affairs;

The Multi-Search is a resource which allows you to search 130 of our databases and our Libraries print catalog at the same time.  

1) The Multi Search doesn't search everything the Libraries has access to electronically.  We have over 500 databases and this resource searches only a quarter of them.  There are several excellent databases that aren't in the Multi Search!  

2) Beware of the fire hydrant effect!  If you've ever done a broad search in Google you've experienced this.  Hundreds of thousands of results, only a few actually what you need.  If you're getting too many articles and books in your results, try going to a specific database for International Affairs.

3) It is easy to get mixed up on what is academic research and what is not.  Make sure you check the "Scholarly Peer Reviewed" box.

Other International Affairs Databases


Databases Specifically About Political Science

The Multi Search can often bring back too many resources for you to go through.  You can limit this by searching a database which is specifically only about Political Science or Homeland Security.  Below are the ones I think you'll find the most helpful:

Political Science Complete

ProQuest Political Science

International Security and Counter Terrorism Reference Center

Homeland Security Digital Archive

Your Librarian

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