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ARST 4915/6915: Performance Art: Home

Research guide for ARST4915/6915

Performance resources:

Web archive of a lot of (mostly white, mostly NYC) avant-garde art. Includes films, sound pieces, writing, visual poetry, dance, Aspen Magazine, etc. Begun by poet Kenneth Goldberg. Does not recognize copyright. Includes .pdf of The Art of Performance: A Critical Anthology (1984)

Performa is a biennial of new visual art performance. Their site includes artist profiles and information on past & upcoming events.

PAJ  explores innovative work in theatre, performance art, dance, video, writing, technology, sound, and music, bringing together all live arts in thoughtful cultural dialogue. Issues include critical essays, artists’ writings, interviews, plays, drawings, and notations, with extended coverage of performance, festivals, and books. Podcasts, video and audio clips appear on PAJ’s online home.

Working closely with designers, artists, academics, theorists, performance practitioners and writers  Performance Research resists disconnected, disembodied, and disinterested forms of scholarship. We prefer instead the possibilities of imagining the journal as a dynamic space of performance that produces inspiring conversations, unlikely connections, and curious confluences. Our emphasis is on contemporary performance arts within changing cultures and technologies

A collection of insightful readings of major performance pieces by the likes of Acconci, Burden, Abramovi , and Hsieh, that confronts the twisting and troubled relationship that performance art has had with the spectator and the public sphere. Ward contends that the ethical challenges with which performance art confronts its viewers speak to the re-imagining of the audience, in terms that suggest the collapse of notions like “public” and “community.” A thoughtful discussion of the relationship between art and the audience.

The Franklin Furnace's mission is to “present, preserve, interpret, proselytize and advocate on behalf of avant-garde art. ”The “For Artists” section provides information on applying for funding through the Foundation. Over 11,000 images on Artstor.

This site features user-generated, step-by-step video and photo/text instructions for protest and creative dissent. Topics include art actions, billboard alterations, shop-dropping, protest strategies, knit-bombing, protest props, interventions, methods of civil disobedience, stencil work, performative actions, and many other forms of public dissent.‚Äč


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Lindsey Reynolds
Lamar Dodd School of Art
270 River Road
Athens, GA 30605
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