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ENGL 3851S (Young): Finding Sources

How to Search Databases

How to Think About Research

Databases for Scholarly Research

Your Librarian

Ideas for Keyword Searching

When searching on a broad research topic like education and incarceration, consider limiting with the following:

-region (country or state)

-specific population (gender or sex; ethnicity; age group; generation)

-specific traits of a population (education status; mother/father identity; pregnant; able-bodied or otherwise; LGBTQ-identified)

When searching any topic, consider if and why or why not the following matters to your research:

-where the research was performed

-what years the research was performed

-the scholar's field of study (literature, criminology, American Studies, history, medicine)

-the scale of the study (Did they interview four people? Did they survey 6,000 people? Did they experience it personally?)

-the kinds of evidence gathered and methods used (Did the researcher study memoirs? Interview people? Live within the community? Do medical or psychological tests on the population? Analyze films?)

-the point of view of the participants/texts/citations (Did they interview victims of violent crime? Do they summarize the work of psychologists?)

What are alternative or similar words to the concept I am searching? Example:

juvenile/youth/minor/teenagers/high schoolers/adolescents

mental health/depression/anxiety/wellbeing

recreation/physical activity/physical education/sports/exercise/gym