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ENGL 1102E (Wayson): The Supernatural: Research Sources

Greetings! This guide will point you to different sources for finding histories and interpretations of your supernatural creature. The first section is a selection of ebooks on different creatures. There are many more ebooks, articles, images, and films available by searching the sources linked in the second section.

If you have any difficulty locating sources, ask for help and save yourself time!

Selected Ebooks

There's plenty more! See the next section below.

Where to Search for Articles, Books, Images, and Films


AnthroSource: research articles in the field of anthropology including mythology and cultural studies.

JSTOR: research articles in history, literature, religion, and other subjects.

Film & Television Literature Index: research articles in these and related topics like video games.


Use the GIL Find library catalog:
Sample searches: 
vampires in literature
witchcraft in art
ghosts in motion pictures


  • Use the filters to limit results to Full Access Online (for ebooks) or by publication date, language, etc.
  • Add more keywords to the search box to narrow your search. Example: vampires popular culture
  • Search for your creature as a subject without additional keywords if you aren't finding enough. Example: elves
  • Books in the Curriculum Materials Library (Aderhold Hall) are children's books.

Locating a print / hardcopy book in the library? Click on the blue "Map it" to find the shelving row plus the floor and call number. Ask for help at the desks near the library entrance. Or sign in and request that the library pull the book and hold it for you at the library of your choice.

image of werewolf

Volcom. Volcom -- Hombre Lobo. 2012-2013. Artstor,

Portrait of Vlad the Impaler. [n.d.]. Artstor,


ArtStor: use for depictions of your creatures in various media including artwork and photos of theatrical, musical, and dance productions. Google Images is also good but doesn't let you filter your searches by country, time period, or medium like ArtStor does. Once in ArtStor, register for a free account to save hi-res images.

Image Resources Guide: more images from museums and other sources with tips on citing an image.


Films on Demand: documentaries and educational films.

Kanopy: feature films and documentaries -- UGA only has a small selection of what is on the Kanopy platform.

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