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Citation Management

Need help learning EndNote and RefWorks? Not sure what Citation Management is? You've come to the right place.

What EndNote Online does

EndNote Online syncs with the EndNote library on your computer to provide a backup. You can use it to share individual folders with collaborators. You can also use it to add references to your EndNote library when you're away from your personal computer.

You will be prompted to create an EndNote online account when you download the client software. Follow the step in the Preferences set up for Sync and choose to "Sign Up."

Two EndNote Online sites

If you use EndNote 21, your EndNote Online your interface looks like the client. The new log in page is at

EndNote Online for EndNote 21 forward

Prior to EndNote 21, your EndNote Online has a different interface, and starting link. You can log on to the original EndNote Online here.

original endnote online

Original EndNote Online Reference List


Sync Your EndNote Library

After creating your Endnote Online account, you will need to sync it with your library.

  • Open your Endnote library, then click on Edit-Preferences
  • Choose 'Sync' and then fill in the email address and password you just created for your Endnote Online account;
  • Then click 'Enable Sync'.
  • Hit 'Apply' and then 'OK' to exit.
  • Whenever you wish to Sync your library, simply hit the 'Sync Library' icon on the top-center of your Endnote toolbar (looks like a circle with arrows going around it).
  • You can set EndNote to Sync automatically.

Share References With Collaborators

You can collaborate with other Endnote Online users by sharing specific groups instead of your whole library. You do not have to use EndNote Online to share libraries. It is easier to share libraries in the client program.

  • Log in to your Endnote Online account;
  • Go to 'Organize-Manage My Groups';
  • Select the Group you wish to share, then hit the 'Manage Sharing' button;
  • Select the 'Start Sharing This Group' link and simply type in the email addresses of the individuals you'd like to share the group with (needs to be the same email they used for their Endnote Online account).
  • Apply the changes and the next time your collaborators sync their libraries they will have access to that specific group (not your entire library).

Using Endnote Online to Suggest Journals

Endnote and Web of Science are part of the same company, and you can upload your manuscript abstract and references to generate journal matches for publication.

If you haven't created an Endnote Online/Web of Science account, you need to do that first.  After you've registered, click on "Endnote."

Then click on "Match."

Fill out the form.  If you don't use Endnote for citation management then you don't have to include your references.  If you do, including references makes the search more precise.

You'll see a list of possible journal matches.