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Citation Management

Need help learning EndNote and RefWorks? Not sure what Citation Management is? You've come to the right place.

EndNote or RefWorks?

Not sure whether you want to use EndNote or RefWorks? Briefly,

  • If you use different computers, have an older computer with limited drive space, use Google Docs, or share your citations with many people, consider RefWorks.
  • If you use the same workstation/laptop, prefer to keep your citations on your hard drive, or will link PDFs, images and other documents to your reference library, consider EndNote.

RefWorks is a cloud-based system. You don't download application software -- you'll simply log in wherever you have a browser. To use it with MS Word, you will download and install the Write-and-Cite plug-in. RefWorks is often recommended for undergraduates and postgraduates taking coursework degrees. It is straightforward to use, particularly for beginners.

EndNote is client-based, meaning you download and set up the program on a computer. It has a cloud-back up space, called EndNote Online or EndNote Web, which allows you to sync your references. You'll also use a plugin file with MS Word (CWYW). It doesn't take much time to learn the basics, but it has a long learning curve to master. It's typically been popular in the sciences and some social sciences, such as psychology. EndNote has been around since 1989, so experienced faculty may have used it from early versions, thus making it more recommended.

One is not better than the other. They are simply different; however, one citation manager may be better for you.

There are many other citation managers. Most have free usage with a paid tier for either more storage or more features. UGA Libraries does not support managers besides EndNote and RefWorks. We provide links to help pages for the more popular alternatives of Mendeley and Zotero. For EndNote and RefWorks, we provide training appointments, classes, and free access to online support. Please see: Wikipedia: Comparison of Reference Management Software for more on the functionalities of citation managers. You may also want to watch the video below which shows the basics of citation managers.

Video introduction to citation managers