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FYOS 1001: (Soper): Citation Styles & Guides

APA, MLA & More

Different subjects and classes often use different citation styles. That can mean a lot of manuals to buy and lug around. Save your back & bank account by using our two-page handouts and/or borrowing the book from the Libraries. We have a whole page devoted to this!

It's never too late or too early to start using a citation manager. We support two packages, Endnote & RefWorks. And we have a handy-dandy guide, too. Citation software lets you collect what you've found into a database that YOU create & control. Then, as you're typing your paper, you can select the citation you need and it will be added to your paper and formatted according to the style you're using. AND it will create your works cited page AS YOU CONTINUE TO TYPE.

So What Does a Reference Page Look Like?

So, what does a Reference Page (Works Cited) even LOOK like? Well, that depends on the format or style you are required to use. There are a bunch of them, to use a professional phrase. The Libraries has a collection of two-page handouts, demonstrating various styles. In the College of Education, you'll use APA (The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association), 6th edition. So, what  does THAT look like? Below is the Reference Page from a dissertation from UGA, formatted for APA Style. For an explanation of what's going on, please see this page.


So, what's going on here?

The format for APA is:

Author's last name comma first initial period. One space. (Date of publication) period. One space. In italics Title of article/chapter period. One space.

  • Books: Place of publication colon publishe's name period
  • Articles: Article title, with ONLY the first word of each segment (Title & Subtitle) in caps and any proper nouns period. space.Journal title in italics, each word (except for a, an  or the) of Journal Title capitalized.
    • number of journal volume no space issue number in parentheses comma space page numbers xx-xx period.

See our handout for more info.