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INTL 1100 (White): Education Systems

Academic Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Education Law (2008)

Law and legislation as it applies to education.

Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education (2008)

Multiple perspectives on bilingual education, covering such issues as history, policy, classroom practice, instructional design, equity, diversity, legislation and litigation.

Encyclopedia of Law and Higher Education (2010)

Law and legislation as it applies to higher education.

Encyclopedia of African American Education (2010)

Entries cover historical and contemporary issues. Also includes a listing of all articles published in the Journal of Negro Education, 1932-2008.

Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration (2006)

Theories, research, terms, concepts, ideas, and histories on educational leadership and school administration as it is taught in preparation programs and practiced in schools and colleges today.

Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology (2008)

Written for the general reader, it contains an overview and explanation of the major, topics in the field of human development.

Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education (2009)

Essays that provide a general introduction to the social and cultural foundations of education from the colonial period to the present.

Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning (2004)

Covers concepts and methods related to all forms of distance education.

21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook (2008)

Covers issues and controversies in contemporary education.

Research articles

ERIC (at EBSCOhost)

Educational Resources Information Center. Index and abstracts of articles, books, and documents covering education research and practice.

Education Research Complete

Articles on education practice and educational research.