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Google, EndNote & Academic Networking

Guide supporting a presentation on some resources for psychology graduate students, but useful for any grad student

Download EndNote

By installing the Endnote software, I agree:

  • If I leave the University (by cessation of matriculation or termination of employment) I will discontinue use and uninstall the software.
  • I may install the software on personal machines, including laptops, and home machines.
  • The software may be installed on a network server as well as on other computers owned or operated by the University of Georgia over an internal network at the authorized site(s).
  • At the end of the institution site license, if it is not renewed, I will uninstall the Endnote software. I understand I can save my Endnote libraries and purchase a copy of Endnote to keep using Endnote.

I Agree

How-To: Download the latest updates for an installed EndNote.

We have added X8 for PC and Mac to the download list. !If you run Sierra (the latest Mac OS) you must use EndNote x8. No other versions of EndNote are compatible with Mac Sierra OS.

If you are an IT manager installing Endnote on multiple UGA computers, please email Sandra Riggs with the number for record-keeping purposes.