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Useful Resources

‚ÄčFactiva See Factiva search hints further down this page.

Factiva is a business news resource which combines Dow Jones and Reuters content from over 8,000 publications:1,000 U.S. and foreign newspapers, 6,500 news magazines and trade journals, 270 newswires - Dow Jones, Reuters, AP, Asia Pulse, transcripts of leading media news broadcasts - BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, company profiles and reports, European Union official documents. Factiva is the only database that provides the full text of the Wall Street Journal, 1984-present.

Warning: Use of Factiva is restricted to purposes of research and education only. Other uses and excessive downloading are strictly prohibited.

Westlaw Campus Research  

Westlaw Campus Research is a comprehensive collection of primary legal resources including federal and state statutes, codes, regulations, and case law materials. Westlaw Campus Research also provides access to thousands of analytical resources including American Jurisprudence, American Law Reports, and more than 800 law reviews and journals. Beginning in July 2019, our subscription will add international materials including European Union law. 
This subscription does not include the Business or News portions of Westlaw Campus.


HeinOnline provides access to an extensive collection of law journals, and Federal documents including the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations (through 1983), Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, U.S. Supreme Court opinions, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, U.S. Statutes at Large, and U.S. Treaties. It also includes a database of selected legislative histories. Heinonline contains complete runs of the law journals and documents. Includes U.S. and international law journals as well as criminal justice journals.

Proquest Congressional

A useful database for anyone who needs to research the full range of publications documenting the work of the U.S. Congress.  The publications include hearings, committee prints, Congressional Research Service reports, and more. Much of the content is available full text within the database.

Additional resources available to UGA researchers can be found in...

Law (GALILEO Databases)

News (GALILEO Databases)


NexisUni search hints

NEXISUni searching

Searching law codes:

Use Advanced Search

Select specific content type: codes


Type in search terms and click Search: 

  local option sales tax in phrase box [click add]

  referend* in 'all these terms' box [click add]

  official code of georgia in publication box

As you add terms they will appear in very large bold above your search form.  You can also edit this line directly.



Alternatively, you can search all codes and narrow your search to Official Code of Georgia after the search runs: 

Type in search term:

  development authority in phrase box [click add]

Click Search

  on left side of search results page open Jurisdiction and select: georgia 


Searching within a specific publication:

Go to home screen

Click "a publication" on left

 In the "search for something specific" box type:

  "local option sales tax" [Use quotes if you want that exact phrase to be searched.]

 In the "find publication" box start typing newspaper title, e.g.,

  atlanta journal constitution



 After running the search you can limit further by date and other facets.


News search:

Go to home screen and click "news" on left

In the "search all news" box type in keyword(s), e.g.,


Limit by date if desired.

After running search use the geography filter under "search within results" to find articles about georgia. The screen below shows the final stage after clicking through several layers of geography.




Factiva search hints


To peruse or search the most recent two weeks of a selected group of major news publications including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times just go to the News Pages in the top menu and select 'Factiva Pages'.

To search all Factiva content over a longer time period use the Free Text Search Form (aka Search Builder under Search in the top menu).

You can try any word(s) you want in this search box but searching in this scattershot way may yield too many results. Thus you may find it useful to know some ways to refine your search. 

example1:  Find all items published in the last two years which mention the term 'local government' in the headline and lead paragraph (hlp=) AND which prominently feature the state of Georgia.

Note: Use the Region lookup to find the code for Georgia (re=usga).  Click the blue up-arrow to bring the code into the search box.  Make sure it is placed after the boolean AND unless it is the first element in the entire search string.  Once you know a code you can type it directly into the search box in the future.



example 2:  Search for all items published in the last two years in just the Wall Street Journal (rst=j) that mention the term 'local government' in the headline and first paragraph

Note: Use the Source lookup to find the code for the standard Wall Street Journal.    


Some other useful ways to refine searches include hd=(...) (headline only) and by=(...) (byline/author name).  Additional ways can be found by clicking on 'Example' to the left of the search box.

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