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Summer Reading Lists for Local Schools: Georgia Children Book Awards

Summer Reading Lists linked to UGA Libraries' holdings

The Georgia Children's Book Awards

If you're looking for more great books to read, check out the titles from the Georgia Children's Book Award. From the website: The Georgia Children’s Book Award was established in 1968 by Sheldon Root, Professor of the Department of Language Education in the College of Education at the University of Georgia. The award program will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018! The purpose of the award is to foster a love of reading in the children of Georgia, and to introduce them to books of literary more.

The Curriculum Materials Library makes every effort to collect all of the titles nominated for the Georgia Children's Book Awards. The newest entries are not yet in the collection, but will be soon. We've gathered some of the more recent nominees on this page. Past winners & nominees are also available.

Using the lists from the Awards is an easy way to discover great reading, for kids and adults! Questions? Ask!

2015-2016 Children's Picturebook (K-4) Finalists

2015-2016 Georgia Children’s Book (Gr. 4 - 8) Finalists

2016-2017 Georgia Children’s Picturebook (Gr. K-4) Award Finalists

2016-2017 Georgia Children’s Book (Gr. 4-8) Award Finalists

2017-2018 Georgia Children’s Picturebook (K-4) Finalists

2017-2018 Georgia Children’s Book (Gr. 4 - 8) Finalists