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INTL 4280: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict: Undergraduate Research Awards

Cash prize

Since 2007, the UGA Libraries has sponsored the Undergraduate Research Awards, which provide cash prizes for excellence in research and academic inquiry.

  • Seniors: one $800 first prize and two $450 second prizes

  • First - Third Year Students: one $600 first prize and one $300 second prize

  • NEW! Jurors' Choice Award: One $400 prize highlighting a particular research method, resource, or collection. Can be from any category (Senior or 1st-3rd year).

Whether you are creating a historical thesis, policy paper, composition for piano or a scientific study, you are eligible to apply for this award upon completing the following:

  • 3-4 page essay describing and reflecting upon your research project

  • Meet with a librarian for a research conference

Deadline for application materials: March 20, 2017