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AFAM-HIST 3102-Lee (Special Collections): Civil Rights Era Voices in Athens, GA (Groups C & D)

Background Information

If We So Choose  

  • ​(Documentary film about integrating the Varsity Restaurant in Athens, GA)

Primary Sources-Oral History

Bennie McKinley Interview

  • For Varsity demonstrations, see section at 35:21 and ending at 40:40
  • For Athens, see section at 5:04 and ending at 40:00

Reverend Archibald Killian Interview

  • For the Athens ( Varsity), see section at: 23:58 and ending at 33:51

Foot Soldier for Equal Justice: Horace T. Ward and the Desegregation of the University of Georgia Collection,

  • Series I. Papers, Box 2, folder 9, “Transcript (printed) Boyd Audio [William Boyd papers; transcripts of Boyd audio recordings; transcripts of interviews with Archibald and Alfred Killian and Tyus Butler]”

Primary Sources-Newspapers



Secondary Sources