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COMM 3700: Empirical Research Methods: Tests and Measures

Find Tests and Measures

Communication and Mass Media Complete: Like most databases, Communication and Mass Media Complete does not have special features that allow you to limit results to articles containing tests or measures.  For these databases, combine your keyword search with one or more keywords that are associated with test instruments, as shown in the example below.  (Putting the term 'OR' between each keyword will search for items that contain any of these keywords.)

Example Search:

conflict AND dyad AND (assessment OR interview OR inventory OR measur* OR questionnaire OR rating OR scale OR survey OR test* OR tool*)

HAPI: Using the 'Advanced Search' option, in addition to your keywords, select 'Primary Source'  in the 'Source Code' box to limit your results to citations that contain measure itself or discuss its development.  

PsycINFO: Using the Advanced Search option, in addition to your keywords, type the word appended and choose 'TM-Tests & Measures' from the pulldown menu.  To find articles that use tests, even if the test is not in full text, omit the word appended.