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POLS 1105H: Trochesset: Help with Your Assignments

Logging into GALILEO

UGA's log in for GALILEO is tied to your MyID and password.  To use our GALILEO databases, simply click on a link here and if you are off campus you will be asked to log in with your MyID and password.

Writing Center

The UGA Writing Center is available to you to help with the writing process.  Bring in your draft to them, and they will give you helpful suggestions to make it better!

During the move to online classes due to COVID-19, the Writing Center is offering Written Feedback for you papers in lieu of an appointment.  You can begin signing up to receive writing support via email using our "Written Feedback" schedule at

More info can be found here:

Current Events

You can search a news aggregator like Google News or specific publications like the Washington Post or the AJC for headlines.  If you want to narrow down your choices, and get a great overview of a current topic, the best database to use is CQ Researcher.

CQ Researcher is a database of indepth reports about current events.  The reports are timely (usually corresponding with a topic which has gripped national interest), and extensive (going back to the 1920s).  These reports put important topics in historical context, give exhaustive statsitics, and even include a Pro and Con section written by interested parties.  Highly recommended!

Legislation  Official Website of Congress.  You can search for keywords in a Public Laws, or click on Browse and look at laws by subject.  This site includes bills which were introduced but never passed (think of the many times the House passed bills to defund the ACA) as well as passed Legislation.  

SCOTUS Blog:  A well known Supreme Court information and analysis site, you can search for the current docket and information about those cases as well as read commentary by legal scholars.

Public Opinion

Some polling organizations:


Pew Research Center

WSJ/NBC News Polls


iPoll database (through GALILEO):  this database aggregates all the polls asked by all the major organizations/news outlets into one place, searchable by topic.

News Aggregators

When comparing coverage you can go in a few directions.

Google News is the largest aggregator of news material.  Be aware that Google's algorithm will favor sources you have clicked on in the past, so if you are looking for an unbiased sampling of articles about a topic make sure you LOG OUT OF GMAIL.

Alternately you can use a Google-based search engine called Duck Duck Go which has removed all the personal data which Google uses to show you content you have looked at before.  Simply do a search and choose news.  You can also narrow by region.

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