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Citation Management

Need help learning EndNote and RefWorks? Not sure what Citation Management is? You've come to the right place.

APA Style Issues

Get the output style file here. [Thanks to Amber Prentiss for creating the file]

Why do I need this?

EndNote may make some errors with certain format types in APA. This is because the APA 7th style from EndNote defaults the casing to the format of the database record. Many databases put the title in all up and down casing (like MLA). This download should in most cases fix the database errors; however, if the record has a title in ALL CAPS, edit the title in your EndNote Library record.

Database record ---> to EndNote Library record (Casing is still up and down in the APA 7th preview pane)

Library record with correct casing using new style

                                 Select the style

Even with this EndNote style, it's always a good idea to go through and do a final proof at the end of your writing process.You should always become familiar with the basic rules of any style that you use.

At the end of every project, you may want to make two copies of your document, one with the EndNote coding, and one converted to plain text so you can easily make any minor final style or formatting adjustments yourself. Also, many journals will need the EndNote coding removed on submission, so this can be a natural step in your process.