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Learn how to watch, research, or create documentaries. Plenty of resources for equipment and editing. Created for UNIV1120, but anyone can use.

Equipment & Filming

Film Offices & Help

UGA Campus Filming Policies - When filming on campus, check with the specific building administration for any rules or policies specific to that physical location.

Editing Resources

MLC Digital Media Lab - has Final Cut Pro Studio X, Adobe Creative Suite 6, and iMovie. Important: you may want to bring an external drive, or a large USB drive to save files.


iMovie version -  10.x - (Purple Star icon)
If you have a newer Mac, or upgraded to Mavericks or Yosemite, you should have this version of iMovie, which is the newest. This is the version on MLC 369 Mac Laptops, and DML Macs.

iMovie '11 (Black Star Icon)

If you got a Mac that came with iLife '11, you probably have this version of iMovie. This is an older edition (2011) that has different menus and screens. You may want to upgrade to iMovie 10.

  • free training: Click here and then enter your UGA MyID and password.

Final Cut

Final Cut requires a steeper learning curve, but it gives you professional-level control, and allows you to work with multiple audio and video tracks. You can layer tracks.

Adobe Premiere Elements CS6


  • Camtasia - Record scrolling, selecting other activities on your computer
  • Keep Vid - Download clips of other people's videos -- NOTE: you must be within Fair Use and cite properly to use them.
  • Skype Recording - A list of options



Saving Video Files

Where to save

An external drive is the best option. However, you can save video files to a USB as long as each individual file is under 4G in size. This is size limitation of the FAT32 system on many USB drives. You can  erase and reformat a drive to something other than FAT32 using Mac Disc Unitilies.

Laptops in the technology lending program are "wiped" after each use, so the information will not be retained after you turn in the machine.

How to save

iMovie does not have a "save as" function for unfinished projects. This is because iMovie was designed to be on one person's individual computer, and autosaves to it. There are a few strategies for saving an unfinished project.

  • Using the Finder window, copy your Project Files and the iMovie library onto an external drive
  • Export your work as one movie file, then re-import it to edit later