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EndNote for Mac

Guide to using EndNote on Mac computers


EndNote is a very robust citation management system, and works best with a traditional word processing suite. Pages is designed for collaboration, and creation of eye-catching documents. Pages is great for creating charts and ePUB documents; however, Pages is not designed for academic papers. EndNote will have a different interface in Pages, than it does in Word for Mac.

  • If you do want to run Pages with EndNote, you'll need to download and install a plug-in HERE.
  • EndNote trainers use Word for Mac, so we will have to refer you to Clarivate technical support for Pages issues.
  • If you are using Pages because it came free, keep in mind that as a UGA student or faculty you can download the Microsoft Office suite for free! Access to the suite is in your UGAmail account. 


Cloud-based word processors

EndNote is not currently compatible with Google Docs or Word Online. If you need a citation manager for Google Docs, you may want to try RefWorks. Contact Elizabeth White at for more information.