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Extra Help When You Need It

This page has little odds and ends that you may need, all gathered together into one place.

Contact Us--Let us help you! Don't sit there, getting angry, ask us for help! Contact me whenever  you need to!

Distance Learners--You have a library dedicated to your needs! Meet your distance ed librarian

Avoiding Plagiarism Thanks to Elizabeth White for creating this page.

Citation Management--This page, which shows you how to manage the materials you are using in your research and how these tools can insert citations into your paper, correctly format them and create your Reference List. I can help you with RefWorks. For Endnote, please complete the training request form.

GIL Express--Borrow BOOKS that we either do not own or that are in use from any University System of Georgia library. This service is free and pretty fast. You can choose the CML as a delivery point. You can also have books sent to the USG Library closest to where you live/work AND return them to any USG Library in the State.

Interlibrary Loan--If there is an article you need and we don't already have it or have access, ILL is the place to go. The same for books. THIS IS ONLY FOR MATERIALS WHICH WE DO NOT OWN. The service is fast & free. The Curriculum Materials Library (207 Aderhold) is now a delivery site for ILL. If you won't be picking your requested book at UGA, please speak to Interlibrary Loan to see what they would prefer to do. For books you can also ask your own USG Library to obtain the book if you are employed at a USG  Institution. Articles will come to your email as a PDF. 

Repository Deliveries. If a title in GIL is listed as being "at the Repository" use the Request link to request delivery to the CML, Main or Science Libraries. Patrons cannot go to the "Repo" on their own.

InTRALibrary Deliveries. Using GIL-Find, books from the CML, Main, Science or Music Libraries can be delivered to another library on campus or to any of the UGA branches.

  • You must first sign into your Library Account to access all the options available to you.
  • Find the title you need. Click "Get It".
  • The Request Link will appear
  • Complete the form that appears and you can have the book delivered to another UGA Library. You can also use this option to have a book held at the library where it "lives" but please allow time for staff to open your request and process it.

Writing Assistance If you would like a little help with your writing, we've got a page to help!