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Inst of Higher Education: Fall Webinar: Less Searching and More Finding: Suggested Databases

Some Databases That May Be Of Use

Here is a list of SOME of the databases to which we have access and which might be of use to you. To access these databases through the Libraries' Homepage, click on Databases A-Z. You can also use the Research by Subject tab. You can then search by database name or just click through. Most databases will allow you to create an account. Do it. It's worth it. You can save your searches, your results, and more.

You can search multiple databases at once within a "family"--EBSCO or ProQuest. Type in one search and find results from several sources at once.

See also the Georgia and Government Course Guides  tab from the Libraries' Home page.

CQ Public Affairs Collection brings together CQ Press's current affairs content in a single integrated reference tool.

Education Database, is a nice complement to ERIC@EBSCO & Education Research Complete. Education Database is part of the ProQuest collection and can be searched with other ProQuest databases, including the ProQuest version of ERIC.

Factiva  This is the only place to find The Wall Street Journal. Other U.S. and foreign newspapers, magazines and trade journals. Company financials. Warning: Use of the files is restricted to purposes of research and education only. Other uses and excessive downloading are strictly prohibited. To search in other newspapers, please see our Newspapers Guide

Local Government Financial Documents Online Annual operating budgets of Georgia cities, counties, and school districts that are one million dollars or above.   

Public Administration Abstracts (EBSCO) Public Administration Abstracts provides indexing and abstracts for scholarly journals and magazines in public administration, public policy, government finance and budgeting, personnel management, civil service, organizational behavior, and other topics in government and nonprofit administration in the United States and worldwide.

Public Affairs Index (EBSCO) Public Affairs Index covers magazines, academic journals, trade publications, and conference papers on United States and global public affairs and public policy issues. Topics include armed conflict, economic issues, housing, refugees, public health, human rights, and more.

ProQuest Congressional ProQuest Congressional provides extensive historical indexing of Congressional documents. It also provides the full text of recent hearing transcripts, committee reports, bills, bill tracking reports, the Congressional Record, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, U.S. Code, and public laws, as well as the complete historical archives of CRS (Congressional Research Service) reports and Committee Prints. Additional coverage includes biographical profiles of congressmen and senators, committee assignments, voting records and financial data.

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) SREB was created in 1948 by Southern governors and legislators who recognized the link between education and economic vitality. SREB's Annual Meeting and Legislative Advisory Council meetings bring together legislators, agency heads and other policy-makers.

Annual Report of State Government Finances. Data from the Census Bureau. State Government Finances provides a comprehensive summary of annual survey findings for state governments. The tables and data files present a treasure trove of information.

Statistical Abstract of the United States. The Statistical Abstract of the United States Online compiles statistical tables from a wide array of federal, state, and local agencies; nonprofit and industry associations; and research organizations.

EBSCO Databases--When using EBSCO databases, you can search multiple databases simultaneously. To do this, click on the "Choose Databases" above the search screen when you're in an EBSCO database. Below are some which may be useful. Public Affairs-related databases are already listed above. You can also search multiple databases in the ProQuest databases.

Academic Search Complete is a comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 5,300 full-text periodicals, including 4,400 peer-reviewed journals.

Business Source Complete is a scholarly business database that provides full-text access to many peer-reviewed business related journals, including disciplines such as marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics.

EconLit, the American Economic Association's electronic database, includes citations and abstracts to economic research dating back to 1969.

Education Research Complete. Covers professional and scholarly journals in all areas of education from early childhood to adult education.

ERIC (at EBSCOhost) covers all aspects of education and educational research, includes both abstracts of published and unpublished sources on thousands of educational topics.

Political Science Complete provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy.

PsycINFO  (which now has an alias as APA PsycINFO)contains citations and summaries of journal articles, book chapters, books, and technical reports, as well as citations to dissertations, in the field of psychology and psychological aspects of related disciplines. PsycArticles can be searched at the same time as PsycInfo.

Social Work Abstracts is a bibliographic citation database contains references on homelessness, AIDS, child and family welfare, aging, substance abuse, legislation, community organization and related topics.

SocIndex contains full text for 777 journals dating back to 1908. This database also includes full text for more than 820 books and monographs, and full text for 13,947 conference papers.

Sociological Collection is a database with more than 475 full-text titles.

Urban Studies Abstracts covers essential areas related to urban studies.

Web of Science  This database is all scholarly material and does lean heavily toward the sciences. Search for articles on your topic and see who is citing whom, with links to the materials cited in the original article and the citing articles.

Search Tips

Databases in the EBSCO "family" can be searched simultaneously by clicking on the "choose databases" link above the search box. Select the additional databases you need and click "ok" to search more than one database at a time. When you do this, leave the search option "Select a field" as it is, rather than trying to identify multiple subjects.

ProQuest also has a "family" and the same tips apply to searching there.

Some search tips: The "select a field" option looks at the title, abstract, subject headings & full-text if available. It's a broad kind of search.

  • Create an account within the database to save your results and also to be able to send them to a citation manager. You need only create one account for all the EBSCO databases and one for all the ProQuest databases.
  • Use quotation marks to keep your phrases as phrases: "autism spectrum"
  • Use the asterisk * to expand your search. Type the root of your word~teach~ and add the asterisk~teach* to retrieve teach, teacher, teachers, teaching
  • Keep your synonyms in the same box and join by or. These would be terms that are interchangeable in your search. You'll get more hits this way.
  • Don't type complete sentences but use just the main concepts.
  • Narrow your results to "peer reviewed" to get scholarly materials.
  • Use the blue "find it @ UGA" button to see what kinds of access we have for that article. If it's not available electronically, scroll down to find the link "We may own this item in print" and select the GIL Classic link to if we own this item.
  • If we don't have it in print nor electronically, call on Interlibrary Loan.  They will track down the articles (and books) that we don't have. For free. Articles will come to you as a link in your email to a pdf of the document. Always check to be certain that we don't have print access before submitting your request.