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EDD: Interlibrary Loan

Getting What You Need When We Don't Own It

UGA is the largest library in the State, but even we don't have everything you'll need. To help fill the gap, use Interlibrary Loan. ILL, as we commonly say, will track down what you need, for free, from anywhere in the world. No kidding. Articles are sent as a PDF to your email and books may be picked up at any UGA library. NEVER, EVER PAY FOR ARTICLES OR BOOKS TILL YOU'VE TALKED TO INTERLIBRARY LOAN. If you're going to throw money around, take librarians out to lunch... Articles come to you via email. For free. Really.

Borrowing Books on ILL

Since UGA doesn't have a library in the ATL, you can request delivery of books we don't own by adding in the note field of the request form: Pick up at UGA  Gwinnett.

Before requesting Interlibrary Loan for a book, please check GIL Express. GIL Express items may be retrieved from any USG library. You just need a photo ID. Your UGA ID card is best. You may also return and USG title to any other USG library. It's removed from your account as soon as you hand it in, so it's not lingering on your record while being transported across the state!