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Consumer Research

MRI and Simmons are our two biggest databases for market research data. So, what's the difference between Simmons and MRI? Which one should you use? Do you have to use both?  A quick comparison of the two: 

  • MRI has more current data (~1.5 years)  than Simmons (3 years)
  • Simmons has "psychographics"; MRI does not.
  • MRI represents its data in tables, already compiled according to predetermined comparisons. Simmons requires you to build the table. Con: You have to build the table. Pro: You can compare any variable you want to any variable you want.
  • MRI offers certain pre-set filters for data (gender, age, etc.) Simmons allows you to filter data using any variable in their database.
  • Both can export data to Excel or .csv (comma separated values) files.

Simmons Tutorial Video

This guide from the University of Alabama Bruno Library provides a good introduction to building crosstab tables. 

This guide from Pace University Library explains how to interpret the results in a crosstab. 

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