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Latin American Independence Movements: Overview

General History of Independence Movements in Latin America

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General Resources

Primary sources:

Letters to Bartolomé Guzmán of Bolivia, 1816. (UF)

Secondary sources from the period:

A View of South America and Mexico: Comprising Their History, the Political Condition, Geography, Agriculture, Commerce, &c. of the Republics of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, the United Provinces of South America and Chile, with a Complete History of the Revolution, in Each of These Independent States, by a citizen of the United States. 1827. (FIU)

Secondary sources:

Caballero, M. Soledad. “Transatlantic Masculinites: Military Leadership and Migration in the South American Wars of Independence.” In Migration and Modernities: The State of Being Stateless, 1750-1850, edited by JoEllen DeLucia and Juliet Shields, 77-100. Edinburgh UP, 2019. (UG)


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