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HIST/LACS/WMST 3215: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America (Roth): Course Objectives (HIST/LACS/WMST 3215 - Roth)

Course Objectives (HIST/LACS/WMST 3215 - Roth)

At the end of the library session, students will be able to:
  • Identify appropriate databases and other sources of reliable information to complete course assignments.

Goals (HIST/LACS/WMST 3215 - Roth)

Each student will write three (3) primary source analysis papers of 1,000 (4 double-spaced pages).

  • 1st paper due: Week of February 9
  • 2nd paper due: Week of March 9
  • 3rd paper due: Week of April 13

Each student will create a bibliography related to final project. Must include:

  • 5 secondary sources that are annotated
    • 2 must not come from assigned readings
  • 5 primary sources
    • 3 must not come from assigned readings
  • DUE - Week of April 6

Each student will submit a final project:

  • DUEBy noon May 7


Primary Sources, Peer Review, and Writing Help (HIST/LACS/WMST 3215 - Roth)

What are:

  • Primary sources? Documents or artifacts created during the time period under study. Examples include: diaries, letters, notorial documents, maps, photographs, original works of art (poetry, novels, paintings, sculptures, music).
  • Secondary sources? Sources that comment on the primary sources. Examples include: journal articles, books, chapters in books, conference papers.
  • Scholarly or peer-reviewed works? Sources that have gone through a rigorous review process from a community of experts to ensure that the works meet standards in the field of study.

Need help developing your research questions or organizing your writing?

Style Guides (HIST/LACS/WMST 3215 - Roth)

Remember to document the sources you use.

Dr. Roth is requesting that you use "Documentation I: Notes and Bibliographies" system of the Chicago Manual of Style.

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